The Tough Choices Foundation was founded with a mission to continue to inspire and support youth to accomplish their goals despite the tough choices they must make daily. One of the main reasons youth in the inner city communities do not reach their highest potential is due to a lack of resources and essential materials that children need to flourish. The youth we serve struggle with the basic necessities many people take for granted: food, safe shelter, clothing, support, parental guidance, and a positive environment to grow. Experiencing these insecurities at a young age can create a space of despair, hopelessness, and diminish their desire to be successful. Often times, these are the children that are left behind to make decisions based on survival, unable to reach their full potential. While our main focus is children from economically disadvantaged households, we want to help any child that comes to our program. 

Many of the youth in disadvantaged communities experience violence, repeated traumas, broken households, poverty, and lack insight to what the world can be when given the proper nourishment, nurturing, and opportunity. We want to show the youth in these communities a better way of life and realize that there is more to life than tragedy and struggle. 

Our goal is to be the place that any kid can come and receive the necessities they need to go into the world with a clear vision on what goals they want to achieve and have the keys in order to do so. In addition, we will provide graduating high school students who are active in our program with college scholarships, job training, and the tools to be successful and productive members of society. We will accomplish our goal by:

  • Mentoring youth on making good decisions in the face of tough choices
  • Promoting fitness and health
  • Offering financial literacy workshops and tools
  • Tutoring
  • College site visits and internships
  • Weekly professional speakers highlighting different topics
  • Free mental health services to children and their families

Every day we are faced with tough choices, but we can make the right choices.